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Crohn's Disease: Florida Medical Cannabis Proving Useful

Crohn's Disease: Florida Medical Cannabis Proving Useful

According to new information coming out of the Florida medical marijuana community, nearly half of all patients struggling with Crohn’s disease that took advantage of Florida medical cannabis (under the supervision of their medical doctor) were able to achieve complete remission from the symptoms of this disease, representing a major and exciting breakthrough in the fight against Crohn’s.

For some time now, those in the medical community have been closely paying attention to the potential benefits that medical marijuana has when it comes time to fight against autoimmune diseases. Crohn’s disease in particular has proven to be very susceptible to the benefits of Florida medical cannabis, as the new study mentioned above can attest.

Here’s a little bit of information that should be able to shed more light on the subject for you.

Crohn’s disease and the hunt for a cure

Unlike a lot of the other autoimmune diseases of which Crohn’s disease falls under the umbrella designation, there is no current cure for this condition – which makes the lives of those struggling with this disease a real challenge.

On a day to day basis, those living with Crohn’s can expect to have to contend with any of the following symptoms:

• Upset stomachs
• Dizziness and nausea
• Violent and sometimes bloodied diarrhea

… And that only barely begins to scratch the surface of the painful and embarrassing conditions that those living with Crohn’s have to fight against.

The major reason behind the lack of a cure for Crohn’s disease is because this is a bit apart from more traditional autoimmune issues, in that Crohn’s is more of an immunity deficiency than anything else. Any cure would have two represent a bolstering of immunities that aren’t in the body just yet, which is why medical science has struggled thus far.

But that’s where Florida medical cannabis comes into play.

Florida medical marijuana doesn’t cure Crohn’s, but halts all symptoms

New research coming out of Florida shows that nearly 50% of all individuals that use a very specific prescription of Florida medical cannabis have been able to completely and totally rid themselves of all Crohn’s disease symptoms just two months after beginning their regimen of medical marijuana treatments.

More research is 100% necessary to validate these new discoveries, but states all throughout the US are beginning to move forward with their own research projects to help move the medical marijuana community just a bit further. Marijuana may not be able to completely eradicate Crohn’s disease at the source, but it can certainly make the lives of those fighting this disease a lot better.

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